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Here is some helpful tips & info for your piano moving needs

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   We have moved thousands of pianos in our time. Here are some helpful tips that will ensure that you have a positive experience when moving your piano, even if it is just to dispose of it. 

1. When looking for a piano mover. Make sure that you hire a moving company that specializes in pianos.

You wouldn't hire a Diesel mechanic to work on you Tesla would you? Piano moving specialist use different tools and techniques vs furniture movers. For example, our dollies are shock resistant vs furniture moving carpet dollies.


2. Make sure that the movers that you have hired have a website and are not some overnight piano mover. Why? If something goes wrong, you want to make sure that there is accountability. Hiring a mover that doesn't have a website can easily change their phone number and disappear. 

3. If you are going to store your piano, its best to have one company handle the pick up, storing and drop off. Why?

If any damage occurs during the moving to storage, storing and moving from storage to your new location (or same location), it will be impossible to tell when the damage happened and who caused the damage. For example:


a. You hire an overnight mover to bring it to your own storage unit. Keep in mind, the piano is wrapped and will be left wrapped while in storage.


b. While in your storage unit, over time, you move other personal items in and out. Did you accidentally bump your piano? You won't notice since the piano is wrapped.

c. You try to find the original mover's number. He had no website, no business card. The number is disconnected. Let's assume that you somehow find the number, the piano gets moved and while its uncovered, there is damage. The mover might refuse responsibility since other items have come in and out of the storage unit. Maybe they did a good job and you accidentally damaged it without knowing? Maybe they damaged it and didn't tell you or didn't noticed when they moved it in? Just as bad, what happens if you are forced to find a new company and they refuse responsibility since now there are 3 parties involved. 1. The original mover, 2. You and 3. The new moving company?

4. To make matters worse, you didn't think about getting a climate controlled storage unit. Now you have internal issues that will effect the integrity, sound and value of the piano.

   That is a complicated and stressful situation. It happens a lot unfortunately. My bottom line, best advice is:

Make sure that you hire PIANO movers. If your going to store your piano, let the piano moving company handle your piano move, store your piano (if they are a real piano moving company, a climate controlled storage space will be the default and only option. Make sure that you also allow the same company to pick up and deliver your piano. Once in a while, we have customers that either pick up their piano themselves or hire a "cheap mover" to pick up their piano. Since we do not own your piano, we can not refuse the method in which you chose to deliver your piano. We understand that sometimes funds might be scarce. However, if possible, let the same company handle the pick up, storage and delivery. 

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